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Brian Pickowicz

Brian is the owner/operator of BP Fitness: Fitness Lifestyle coaching. He provides clients with online training programs with customized diet and exercise plans to help improve their lifestyles.


Through leading-edge neuroscience research, LifeWalk offers therapeutic services such as counseling and community-based experiential learning programs for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Some of their counseling services include: emotion focused therapy, trauma focused, attachment focused, and relationship counseling. They have locations in Franklin and Concord.


Prevedere uses predictive analytics and real-time global data to predict and prepare businesses for future demand. Clients see reductions in economic forecast error through Prevedere’s tracking of global sources on environmental, economic, and consumer behavior data.

Eric Pratt


PermaCityLife members work at Take Root in an effort to kick-start the Franklin Falls Revitalization Plan. Their vision is to promote self-reliance, create renewable energy, and help stimulate the local economy by encouraging small business.